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24-Dec-2016 13:36

I do not know or own Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

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Other times there would be no words, or at least none of the non-dirty variety, one of them, normally Selena, would push the other, normally Demi, up against the nearest wall and ravage her.

This was definitely the latter, not that Demi was complaining.

Then Selena smiled wickedly as Demi did what she was told without hesitation, Selena unable to resist giving her girlfriend’s ass another firm slap before practically growling, “Don’t move.” “Wait are, are you sure we have time for this?

” Demi asked, already having a pretty good idea what was on Selena’s kinky mind, “I mean, Miley will be here any minute.” “And God forbid she should see me having my wicked way with you.” Selena teased, pressing herself against Demi from behind and whispering in her ear, “Because, we wouldn’t want to corrupt her or anything, right Dems? ” Selena asked, and then when Demi didn’t answer added, “And how would talking with her go?

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The difference was when they were alone they could slip in the words ‘I love you’, both knowing without a doubt that they didn’t mean as friends.

Selena smiled as Demi grinded back, then both of them became completely lost in their first kiss since their very passionate morning with Miley.

Thoughts of their friend who was due to arrive any moment, and eventually the need for oxygen, had Selena breaking the kiss, forcefully turning Demi around and carefully pushing her face first against the wall. ” Selena demanded, roughly smacking Demi’s derriere hard enough to make Demi cry out and her fleshy cheeks jiggle.

Especially me, because Demi promised me that I could be the one to go first and pop your anal cherry.” “Do you always have to mock me? “I wasn’t…” Selena started, but quickly stopped herself.

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She was so used to playfully mocking everyone around her, especially Demi that sometimes she forgot what her best friend turned girlfriend had gone through, and sometimes she could be reminded of it by similarly the most meaningless things.If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story.

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