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Grey matter is found in clusters of neurons in the brain and spinal cord, and in cortical layers that line their surfaces.… continue reading »

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“I know I have a pair,” she continued, before trailing off. She was once so confident in her abilities that she simultaneously studied at Stanford University and trained for the Olympics, against the advice of her coach. After Stanford came medical school at Northwestern University, then marriage to a handsome lawyer who gave her a son — who in turn became one of the country’s best high school football players. She’s twice divorced, and her medical license, which she was in danger of losing anyhow, expired around the time she went broke. She instead inveighs against shadowy authorities in the nomenclature of conspiracy theorists — “the powers that be”; “corporate media”; “brainwashing” — and composes opinion pieces for the local newspaper that carry headlines such as “Pain, No Gain” and “Driven to Insanity.” She thinks that hoarding gold will insulate us from a looming financial meltdown, and recruits people to sell bits of gold bullion called “Karatbars.” There’s a conventional narrative of how Thomas went from where she was to where she is — that of a talented figure undone by internal struggles and left penniless. She was a black athlete who entered a sport that had exceedingly few. Thomas, riding shotgun as Looney steers a silver SUV on a recent afternoon, passes several such establishments before arriving at a country market. [The homeless man who went to Harvard Law with John Roberts] When explaining what brought her to Richlands, she communicates in a rush of thoughts, linked neither by chronology nor association, and exudes frustration when listeners can’t keep up. “You can call it the Olympian mentality.” * * * Excelling has always been very important in Thomas’s family.… continue reading »

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Over time, indigenous standards of beauty would start to conform to the western ideal, while more “ethnic” features were considered to be “bad”.… continue reading »

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Many quilters asked if I was teaching my Stripped Pinwheel Topper class again, or if I had a pattern for the project.… continue reading »

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