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10-May-2016 23:35

But the site has now responded, shutting down the post for Russians and giving a statement suggesting that it would do the same in the future.

“Reddit is a US company that operates a website with millions of users, posts, and comments,” a spokesperson told Tech Crunch.

An investigation into Fisher’s online aliases found a trail of posts linking the lawmaker to the username Pk_atheist, the creator of The Red Pill—an online Reddit community of nearly 200,000 subscribers that promotes itself as a “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.”A post by Pk_atheist in the early days of the forum advertises the author’s blog, Dating American, a blog that immediately precipitated the establishment of The Red Pill in 2012 and which was “dedicated to the woes of dating in the American culture.” On the “about the author” section of Dating American, the author, who calls himself “Desmond,” promotes two other blogs he’s “authored”: Existential Vortex and Explain God.

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The watchdog suggested that Reddit might be too busy to take down the post, or that it was overwhelmed because of the summer holidays.(Fisher’s last upload on his Sound Cloud was in August 2012—but as recently as this year, Fisher’s Facebook page still included this role in his bio.)Fisher purchased the computer-repair franchise from its founder, failed New Hampshire state senate candidate Joshua Youssef, who, according to the Concord Monitor, violated state election law by publishing a deceptive blog to “make it appear that his ex-wife’s attorney had endorsed his candidacy.” Youssef, himself active in the men’s rights movement, launched a prolonged tirade against the “feminist judicial tyranny” via the New Hampshire House’s unique Redress of Grievances Committee in response to an acrimonious divorce and child-custody battle, wherein a judge in family court temporarily stripped him of visitation rights.

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